Walking Tours of Hudson

Here are three different ways to explore Hudson’s historic streets: approaching them as a chronicle of nineteenth century commerce, a flow of turn of the century street views, or a procession of individual architectural splendors.

Don’t hesitate to retrace your paths, for one of the pleasures of walking in Hudson is that no streetscape will appear quite the same twice, as colors and shadows mutate in the shifting light. And at times, when it’s quiet, the imagination may summon an urban symphony of another age: church bells underscored by rustling crinoline along the sidewalks, with percussion of hansom cabs and horse hooves clattering on cobbles or thudding on streets of packed earth; a chorus of shouting children darting after hoops, and bakers and fishmongers crying their wares; pianos bought at J. T. Rider on Warren Street spilling melody from open windows on a summer’s evening; and a coda of lamplighters walking their rounds as twilight gathers.

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