City of Hudson Ordinances of 1905

The history and culture of a city are reflected not only in its architecture and geography but also in the codes and ordinances it writes to regulate its inhabitants.  For those interested in the ordinances of the City of Hudson governing its daily life at the turn of the twentieth century, herewith some favorite selections from the City Charter and Ordinances of the City of Hudson, NY, dated August 1905 (and incorporating prior ordinances and laws passed in the 19th century and not repealed at that date).  For further reading, please proceed to the link at the bottom of the page for the full text of the city ordinances published that year.

Par. 5: SwimmingNo person shall bathe or swim in the Hudson River in front of the city limits between sunrise in the morning and nine o’clock in the evening unless clothed in a proper bathing suit.

Par. 10: Regulating the Leaving of Horses in the StreetsNo person shall leave any horse or horses in any street, alley, public ground or square within the city, unless such horse or horses are securely tied or fastened or in charge of some competent person.

Par. 11: CoastingNo person shall coast or slide upon any sleigh or sled upon any of the sidewalks of the city.

Par. 12: Fast Driving. No person shall ride or drive on any highway in the city at a greater speed than a moderate trot, nor with greater speed than a walk while turning the corner of any street or passing to or from any yard or other place across any sidewalk.

Par. 13: Use of Bicycles, & c. No person using a bicycle, tricycle, velocipede or other such vehicle of propulsion shall propel such machine at a greater speed than eight miles an hour; nor ride such machine with his or her feet off the pedals thereof; nor ride such machine upon any sidewalk within the limits of the city; nor shall any greater number than two persons abreast ride the streets of the city on such machines, unless upon parade, with the written consent of the Mayor.

Par. 22: Animals Shall Not Run at LargeNo owner of any cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats, geese or fowls shall suffer or permit either or any of such animals to run at large over or upon any street, alley, public ground or square in the city.

Par. 23: Exhibitions, Shows, & cNo person shall exhibit, maintain, engage or take part in any theatrical, operatic or acrobatic performance, concert, circus, feat of legerdemain or necromancy or other exhibition or entertainment given for money unless he shall have and exhibit a license therefor granted by the Mayor and attested by the City Clerk.

Par. 35: Regulating Quantity of PowderNo person shall keep within the city, in any place except in the city powder house, more than twenty pounds of gun powder at one time, nor shall any quantity of gun powder over ten pounds be kept within the limits of the city, unless the same is secured in safe tin canisters holding not over ten pounds.

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