Sullivan/Whitbeck Gallery


Brother photographers Frederick (born October 1852) and Henry (born December 1856) Sullivan ran the Sullivan Brothers photography studio in Hudson NY, creating primarily cabinet cards, as shown in the portfolio on this site.  The business is first listed in a City Directory at Partition and South Third in 1870, then at 98 Allen Street (now 220 Allen Street ) from 1875-1885; and beginning in 1888 (after the east-west street renumbering), as Sullivan Brothers Photographers at 425 Warren, with a residence at 98 Allen.

While the brothers evidently maintained their business at 425 Warren Street for most of their lives, the family’s residential address changed over the years.  It is listed in City Directories as 230 Allen from 1889-1899; and 552 Warren from 1902 to 1915.  And in the 1915 census, both Frederick and Henry are listed as residing at 552 Warren Street.  But beginning in 1916 neither Frederick nor Henry are listed in the City Directory, while their mother, Catherine, is still listed at 522 Warren Street  The Hudson City Directory of 1918 lists the Sullivan Brothers Studio at 425 Warren Street, but with a proprietor named James Van Loon.








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