Ashbel Stoddard

1792:  The Revolution of America. A New Translation, With Notes. By Abbe Guillame Thomas Francois Raynal.  Text extracted from Raynal’s “Histoire philosophique et politique des etablissements et du Commerce des Europeens dans les Deux Indes,” first published in 1781.  Many subsequent editions were published, in both English and French.

Excerpt: “Ye people of North-America, let the example of all the nations that have gone before you, and above all that of your mother-country, serve you for instruction.  Fear the affluence of gold, which brings with luxury the corruption of manners, the contempt of laws. Fear a too unequal distribution of riches, which exhibits a small number of citizens in opulence, and a great multitude of citizens in extreme poverty; which springs the insolence of the former, and the debasement of the latter.”  Published by Ashbel Stoddard, Hudson (1792).

Stoddard’s Diary or the Columbia Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1798, by Andrew Beers. Published by Ashbel Stoddard, Hudson, 1798.

Narrative of the Loss of the Ship Hercules, commanded by Captain Benjamin Stout, on the coast of Caaffraria, the 16th of June, 1796. Also, a circumstantial detail of his travels through the southern deserts of Africa and the colonies, to the Cape of Good Hope: With an introductory address by the Right Hon. John Adams, president of the Continental Congress of America. By Benjamin Stout.  Hudson, NY.  Published by Ashbel Stoddard. (1800)


History of the Duchess of C–, from Adela and Theodore. Written by Herself. To Which is added Ewin and Angelina, A Ballad (by Oliver Goldsmith). (Main text written anonymously by Comtesse Stephanie Felicitie Genlis, a French writer, and educator (1746-1830)). Translation ascribed to Lady Stanley. Preceded by a 1798 edition in Northampton, MA.  Text also includes “Story of a Castilian” and “Story of Miss Wamer,” written by Mrs. Griffiths). Fiction. (1803)


The Hermit of the Forest, and the Wandering Infants, A Rural Fragment. Published by Ashbel Stoddard and sold wholesale and retail at his Book-Store. A miniature children’s book. (1804)

The Young Gentleman’s & Lady’s Monitor. By J. Hamilton Moore.  Printed by Ashbel Stoddard, Hudson, NY (1809)

The Heidelbergh Catechism; or Method of Instruction in the Christian Religion; As the same is Taught in the Reformed Dutch Churches in Holland (second Hudson edition). Published by Ashbel Stoddard, Hudson (1813)


Reflections for Every Day in the Year on the Works of God; And of His Providence Throughout All Nature, by C.C. Sturm, Vol II (First American Edition). Printed and Published by Ashbel Stoddard, No. 135, corner of Warren and Third-Streets, Hudson NY (1814)


A Vindication of Some of the Most Essential Doctrines of the Reformation: The Errors of Hopkinsianism Detected and Refuted; to Which is Added a Sermon, on the Goodness of God. By Nathan Bangs and Seth Williston.  Published by Ashbel Stoddard, Hudson, NY. (1817)


The Brief Remarker of the Ways of Man, or Compendious dissertations, respecting social and domestic relations and concerns, and the various economy of life: designed for and adapted to the use of American academies and common schools. By Ezra Sampson.  Hudson NY.  Published by Ashbel Stoddard (1820 )

Psalms and Hymns, by David Pickering. Printed by Ashbel Stoddard, Hudson, NY (1822). [link to photos]

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