The Streets of Hudson

The images of Hudson featured in these “Streets” galleries portray buildings and streetscapes in both the Hudson Historic District (listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 and outside of it).

While designation on the National Register of Historic Places affords recognition, it does not confer protection from demolition or alteration of the structures within those areas. In 2003, the City of Hudson created a Historic Preservation Commission to impose a measure of protection on the areas it designated as Historic Districts.

Hudson Historic Districts

In 2004, the City began the designation process, providing a measure of protection for the buildings in those Districts. The municipally designated Historic Districts, at this writing, are as follows:

  1.  The Willard Place Neighborhood Historic District.(designated in 2004)
  2. The Warren Street Historic District (designated in 2006);
  3. The Union-Allen-South Front Street Historic District (designated in 2006),
  4. The Rossman-Prospect Historic District (designated 2006); and
  5. The Armory Neighborhood Historic District (designated in 2006).

However, enforcement of the local historic preservation ordinances (Chapter 169 of the Hudson Code) can be uneven, due in part to lack of enforcement personnel, and in part to a Historic Preservation Commission that has seen fit to approve the demolition of some of the accessory buildings in the alleys of the Historic Districts – despite their status on the National Register, their inclusion in the municipally-designated Districts, and their place in the historic fabric of the City. Property owners have also, in some cases, demolished exterior period details without applying for permission under the Code, apparently without penalty. Thus, documenting as many original structures as possible at this juncture seemed to be a worthwhile undertaking.

Please refer to the “Alleys of Hudson” galleries for historic accessory buildings. The images included in the “Streets” galleries present the more formal facades of the residential and commercial structures facing away from the alleys; that is, the more imposing public sides of the same properties.

Union Street
Warren Street
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